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A Lenten Reflection

Our Lenten Journey is often referred to as a time in the desert drawing on the experience of

Jesus’ forty days there.

How long have you been in the desert?

What are you looking for? How will you find it? And how will you know? Have you ever experienced a dryness of faith? What feeds you in this time of dryness? How thirsty are you?

Have you, like Jesus, dealt with temptation?

What is it that you need? Do you long for the truth to be revealed to you? Are you searching for God? Tell him what you need. Know he hears you. Listen.

We have passed the halfway mark. Today our Church celebrates Laetare Sunday – we pause at the halfway point to rejoice – from the Opening Prayer at Mass today we hear proclaimed “Laetare Jerusalem!” meaning “Rejoice O, Jerusalem!”

God is with us. God has a plan for our salvation – rejoice and believe.

Listen to his Son. Come walk with him to the Cross.

Be with him, pray for him. Pray for yourself and those you love.

Open your heart to God’s unconditional love for you. Ask for forgiveness. Humbly, know it is yours.

Prepare to receive the gift of New Life! New life after death; the Paschal Mystery.

Look forward to the promise of eternal joy.

Prepare to live as an Easter people.

Blessings for the journey,

Deb Rudolph

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