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Fr. Ron Weyrens


In the Star Trek series, the Next Generation, Jean-Luc Picard, the captain of the starship Enterprise, would give the command “engage” to send the crew to its next adventure. “Engage”, at noon, June 30, One In Christ ​

Area Catholic Community began its journey. ​


A ship is ​one of the ​ images for ​ the Church. Jesus is with us as we ​ navigate the calm waters and ​ especially in the turbulent waters, ​ offering us his reassuring love and ​ protection. Perhaps we can imagine ​ a spaceship as an image for the ​ Church, as we face challenges in ​ what seems like warp speed.​


As your pastors, Fr. Tom, and I join you in this exciting new venture. While our rotating of weekend Masses provides variety for all involved, it will be a challenge for us to get to know you. On behalf of ​

Fr. Tom and I, thank you for your warm reception. Consider having fun making a name tag to wear at ​parish functions. ​


Our ACC Planning Council has been developing strategies for: Stewardship, RCIA and Evangelization, Young Adults, and Worship. Currently the council is looking for parishioners to help carry out the vision. If interested in ​

any of the above areas, please contact your parish office. ​


Today begins the first edition of our joint bulletin. The bulletin will capture event highlights in our ACC. Over the weeks various voices will write in this column, giving a perspective of ministry and/or life. Take the time to visit​ our website for more news from the parishes. Contact parish offices to make sure you are on the list for emails ​ and texts. Also check out Facebook pages. And yes, there will also be phone calls, so make sure we have your ​phone number! ​


While we venture together in new directions, we are also challenged to uphold or to reimagine the traditions of ​ each parish. Being in uncharted space hiccups will happen. All questions and answers are not known. Patience and understanding will help us greatly as we develop this ​new vision of pastoral ministry.​


Sacred Heart of Jesus, guide us; Mary, mother of God, pray for us; St. Francis Xavier, pray for us; St. Stephen, pray for us. Come Holy Spirit inspire our ACC! ​


Fr. Ron

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