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Dorothy Frank


Prayerline Requests

St. Francis Xavier Prayerline is a ministry which welcomes requests for prayers for family and loved ones.  In order to make a connection with the Prayerline Network, call Dorothy Frank, Coordinator of the Prayerline at 333-7427.  The members of the Prayerline contact each other and  during the course of the day, or when the call is received, prayers are offered for the intentions of the caller.  St. Francis Xavier is deeply grateful for all parishioners who minister through the Prayerline. A variety of prayers and approaches are used in prayer.  A more formal prayer is included here.

Prayerline Prayer
Loving and gracious God,
I lift up to you all those in need of healing today.
Bless and help each one we have been asked to pray for through our Parish Prayerline.
Bring comfort, hope, deep and lasting peace to them and to their loved ones.
Continue to assist all who are sick, hurting, discouraged and without support.
Bless all the members of our parish Involved in this prayer ministry.
Help us to be open, attentive, faith filled persons.
May we give praise and honor to our Loving God through our ministry of prayer.
We ask this in the name of Jesus.

Prayerline Ministry                    
Dorothy Frank, Coordinator      
Karen Atkinson                             Christie Hamak                            
Sharon Emslander                        
Rita Feddema                              
Chuck Haselkamp                         
Bonnie Nies                                 
Nancy Van Erp                            
Lori Ostendorf                              
Jill Nessa                                     
Margaret Stang                            
Pat Koenig                                   
Darlene Stafney                            
Patty Bienusa                               
Joan Karpel                                 
Collette Stockinger                        
JoAnn Binsfeld                              
Donna Traut                                  Diane Jarnot                                
Sara Goltz                                   
Doris Robak                                 
Kathy Czoik                                 
Jill Friedrich                                 
​Paul Tembrock                              


Natalie Braegelman                    Betsy Luberts                              Linda Ganshert

Ray Ley

Nicolle Phillipich

Ruth Brattensborg

Mary & Joel Donnell

Diane Braegelman

Pat Feneis

Pat Voghtman

Tina Flores

Lisa Schell

Margo Flynn

Julie Blanchette

Margaret Werlinger

Alice & Ken Gerads

Kate Driver

Stephanie Giroux

Karen Schindler

Marcella Piasecki

Kathleen & Sam Wolvert

Joan Gonisor

Jane WillMary

Ann Pietron

Kathy Smith

Diane Gruber

Jackie McCann

Denise Partch

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