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Area Catholic Community (ACC) Updates

The Area Catholic Community of Mayhew Lake, Sauk Rapids, Sartell, St. Stephen

The purpose of the ACC is to respond to the call of Jesus to be missionary disciples. We strive to strengthen parish life by working together to share.our resources, talents, and efforts in providing for the pastoral and spiritual needs of all.


March 2022 Updates for the One in Christ ACC Planning Council


   Discipleship Committee This committee is a result of the combination of the Stewardship & Evangelization Committees.  Watch the bulletin for more information on what stewardship and evangelization mean and how we can practice them in our lives as disciples. 

   Young Adult Committee A Young Adult leadership group has been formed with representatives from 3 of the 4 parishes. A representative from Annunciation is needed. Others interested in joining this group should contact Jason Prigge. Events for the young adults in our parishes have been well attended.

   Worship Committee  There will be two Easter Vigil celebrations this year with parishes collaborating on the liturgical and social aspects of each. More individuals are encouraged to join this committee.


Save the Date for our One in Christ ACC Mission, presented by John Leonetti, October 2 & 3, 2022. More details will be available soon.


Steps are being taken to involve the Pastoral Councils from each parish in accomplishing the goals of our One in Christ ACC.  How can we all embrace the understanding that WE are the OiC ACC?  It is not something separate from our parishes.


The need for a director of communication has been discussed. This discussion will continue with parish leadership to determine how this may be accomplished.


The Planning Council is now meeting every 6 weeks instead of once a month. The next meeting of the Council will be on April 5th, 7 P.M. at St. Francis Xavier.

More information on the work of our Area Catholic Community can be found on the One In Christ website,

Area Catholic Community (ACC) Leadership

Pastor Fr. Tom Knoblach​

320-251-8115, ext. 112 ​​


Pastor Fr. Ron Weyrens​

320-252-1363, ext. 401(days) ​

320-252-1363, ext. 402 (night/weekend)​

Annunciation Contact: 

Cindy Gans​



Faith Formation: Shirley Scapanski​


Sacred Heart Contact: 

JoAnn Mo​

320-251-8115, ext. 114 ​​


Faith Formation: 

Jen Haman​

320-251-8115, ext. 117 ​



St. Francis Xavier Contact: 

Becky Dingmann​

320-252-1363, ext. 400 ​​


Faith Formation:​

Melissa Fox

320-252-8761, ext. 411 ​ ​


Kristen Neuman. 

320-252-8761, ext. 412 ​​



St. Stephen Contact:

Carol Hellmann​



Faith Formation: 

Danna Gasperlin​


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