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Area Catholic Community (ACC) Updates

The Area Catholic Community of Mayhew Lake, Sauk Rapids, Sartell, St.Francis Xavier The purpose of the ACC is to respond to the call of Jesus to be missionary disciples. We strive to strengthen parish life by working together to share our resources, talents, and efforts in providing for the pastoral and spiritual needs of all. Updates for One in Christ ACC Planning Council meeting held May 4, 2021 Committees:  

Stewardship Committee 
The Council discussed a possible four-parish event to build relationships and insure a common understanding of stewardship and evangelization. Details for the event are being developed. The Evangelization and Stewardship Committees are exploring ways to collaborate.

Evangelization Committee 
The Council heard feedback that the committee received from the phone calls being made to parishioners. Committee members are reading and discussing the book, Start with Jesus, to come to a better understanding of Evangelization.

Young Adult Committee

The Council  discussed upcoming resignations and retirements at St. Francis and Sacred Heart and the opportunities and challenges they create for an ACC Young Adult coordinator and Youth Minister position.


Worship Committee 
A proposal of possible Mass times beginning in September based on the availability of only 2 priests was discussed. The ACC will no longer have a sacramental minister assigned after July 1st. Further discussion involved the possible availability of retired priests to help out with Masses and the impact the end of pandemic restrictions may have on worship services.


The possibility of a joint business manager and a joint communications director for St. Francis Xavier and Sacred Heart parishes was discussed. The ACC Council Organizational Articles and By-Laws will be the focus of the next meeting. The next meeting will take place on June 1, 2021. More information on the work of the ACC can be found on the One In Christ website: www.oneinchristacc.org

Area Catholic Community (ACC) Leadership

Pastor Fr. Tom Knoblach​

320-251-8115, ext. 112 ​



Pastor Fr. Ron Weyrens​

320-252-1363, ext. 1101 (days) ​

320-252-1363, ext. 1102 (night/weekend) 



Sacramental Minister 

Fr. Doug Liebsch​



Annunciation Contact: 

Cindy Gans​




Faith Formation: Shirley Scapanski​





Sacred Heart Contact: 

JoAnn Mo​

320-251-8115, ext. 114 ​



Faith Formation: 

Jen Haman​

320-251-8115, ext. 117 ​




St. Francis Xavier Contact: 

Becky Dingmann​

320-252-1363, ext. 1100 ​



Faith Formation:​

Shelby V. 

320-252-8761, ext. 1420 ​

svaske@stfrancissartell.org ​


Melissa F. 

320-252-8761, ext. 1411 ​




St. Stephen Contact:

Carol Hellmann​




Faith Formation: 

Danna Gasperlin​