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Ministry Contacts


Sandee Kremers

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Sandee's email


Knights of Columbus

Adam Fasen 320-282-7083

Christian Women

Aggie Schulte 320-252-1417


Faith Community Nurses

Health and Wellness Committee

Karen Reinholz 320-259-4506

Bev Wiehoff  320-492-0135

Julie Kouba 701-721-5083


Prayer Line Requests

Margaret Stang 320-249-9304


Church Environment

Candice Koopmeiners 320-654-1350


Social Justice Concerns Committee

Molly Weyrens

Social Justice email


Liturgy of the Word for Children, K-3

Julie Jacobs 320-291-2901


Gathering in the Arts

Geri Blais



Sandee Kremers

Sandee's email


Communion to Homebound

Sandee Kremers

Sandee's email


Home, Hospital, Facility Visits

Sandee Kremers

Sandee's email


Health & Wellness Team

Sandee Kremers

Sandee's email

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