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To Our Young People –

You Are Appreciated and Loved “Christ is alive and he loves you with an infinite love … you are the artisans of the future.” Pope Francis to Young People This bulletin column is for all our young people in our One In Christ ACC. If you are over 35, read it anyway, and please share it with your children, grandchildren, or others who may not otherwise hear from the Church.

On March 25, 2019, Pope Francis wrote an apostolic exhortation to you who are young people, Christus Vivit (Christ lives). On its fifth anniversary a few weeks ago, the Pope wrote a letter to you to encourage you to “hope renewed" in your lives so often marked by anguish, suffering, and conflict.

We love you and care about you. We pray for you and we always welcome you to share the life of faith with us. We want to listen to your ideas and hopes, and we want to share our experiences and values with you as well.

Like the first disciples of Jesus, we are of different ages and backgrounds, with different personalities and challenges. Just as the Apostles did not always get along perfectly, so we will continue to know human tensions and problems. But there is something more going on, because Jesus is at the heart of each of our lives.

We are, truly, one in Christ.

Reading his inspiring encouragement, I asked our ACC staff what they want to say to you from the local Church. Below are their words, addressed to you.

The message I wish I would have heard as a teenager is: Praying is a personal conversation with God. You can't do it wrong, just talk to him!! If you can't think of what to say, just say His name to get started.

Saint Paul’s words, “Rejoicing in hope” (Rom. 12:12) is what I feel when I reflect

upon our youth and young adults in our community. You bring energy, curiosity, joy, passion for justice and hope that inspires and brings life to the Body of Christ. We love you and need your spirit to help realize God's reign of peace, love and joy. The faith community is longing to hear how we can support you and journey together as the Body of Christ.Seek God in the ordinary. Christ is alive and He is alive within YOU. Your everyday life; at school, work, practice, trips to the store, etc. May others come to know God because they see God alive in you.

There is a Bible verse that hung in our kids' room when they were growing up and it is still there today. It reminded them that it didn't matter what was going on - Christ will be there to give you the strength to get through: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13) As a young person, you have so much to offer your parish community. . . not only in your gifts and talents, but in your very presence as well. As a part of this huge family of faith, you are wanted and needed at Mass, not despite your youth, but because of it. Don’t ever feel inadequate or be afraid to reach out and see how you can be involved and included.

Jesus loves you more than you know and so do we, if you need us we are one call away.

May God bless you abundantly!

Be true to yourself and your faith and remember that there is always reason to have hope.

In a world that tells us so often what we are and what we are not, remember that God sees you as a beloved child with whom He is well pleased. No matter how distant God may feel,He is faithful and will always be with you.

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