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The kingdom of Christ our King

The With today’s feast of Christ the King, another liturgical year comes to an end. Pope Pius XI instituted this feast in1925 in response to the rise of totalitarianism. It celebrates Christ’s reign over the human race and human hearts. The feast emphasizes God’s ultimate forgiveness as well as Christ’s eschatological return and final sovereignty over all creation.

The kingdom of Christ our King, is unlike any other the earth has ever seen. He has no military might, passes no laws, imposes no taxes and does not lord it over his kingdom. He rules by grace and love, and his rule extends to the farthest reaches of the universe. Yes, Kingdom of God is among us. If you listen to the news, it is hard to believe that the Kingdom of God is among us.

The news has been filled with arguments concerning COVID 19 and vaccines, the polarization of politics, and seemingly more intense natural disasters and whether this a result of climate change. If you look back over history there has never been a “Golden Age” of the Kingdom of God, though some eras have certainly posed greater challenges than others.

Perhaps it is more about where you look. Every era has contributed faithful women and men who form the “great cloud of witnesses” who witnessed to the Kingdom of God. The truth is that all around us, there are examples of people faithfully loving and caring for their ill spouses. There are others who donate time making meals for the homeless. Still others who drive others to doctor appointments or grocery shop for someone who is homebound. Each day you can find examples of love breaking into our world.

Each of us was baptized not into some exclusive club but rather into the living Body of Christ, the Kingdom of God. Yes, the Kingdom of God is here through the power of God working within our minds and hearts. Our faithfulness towards those we love, our forgiveness toward those who have injured us in action or words, our reaching out to the needy; all of these and many other thoughtful words and deeds reveal the power of the Kingdom of God at work in our world. We all have the responsibility making the kingdom visible to others when we relate to them with love, compassion and understanding.

Thursday is Thanksgiving. True gratitude to God is expressed by sharing God’s gifts with others. If Christ is truly king of our lives, then his values shape our agenda and our treatment of others. Our care for the needy and the poor, helps prepare the way for the Kingdom of God.

Have a blessed week and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Fr. Ron of Christ our King

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