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Pentecost marks the end of our 50-day Easter season. Hopefully, the alleluias resounded through you throughout this Easter season.

In recent days I have spent some time working on the garden areas around the parish house in Sartell. I have been planting a mix of perennial and annual flowers in the hopes of enlivening the summer and fall landscape.

Still deciding if I will plant vegetables or not --- farmers markets are so much easier. Farmers are out preparing and planting the fields with the seeds that they hope will bring a plentiful harvest. Others are putting in docks for a summer of relaxation, fun, and fishing. Yes, everywhere people are at work bringing life to our landscape in part fulfilling the prayer of Pentecost, “Lord send out your Spirit and renew the face of the earth.” The tasks of spring require hard work and even a little (okay maybe a lot) of cursing as equipment breaks down or plans don’t materialize.

Pentecost is about having the courage to utter the prayer, “Lord, renew the face of the earth.” The prayer is more than sprucing up the yard or planting, it is about making the kingdom of God more visible in our world. Part of the challenge is our own willingness to let go of the behaviors and attitudes that block God’s graces in this world. Do we tend to think of ourselves first or fail to see God’s image in another?

Are our hearts on fire with love?

Today’s feast sends us forth, like the first disciples, to announce the Good News to others and to help create a world built on Gospel values. Mary Whitacre writes,

“What is the Spirit calling us to in response to an environment of growing fear that paralyzes, anger that demeans and intolerance that isolates us? When we are willing to share our gifts rather than hoarding them in fear; to celebrate each other rather than competing for prestige; and to build bridges of understanding rather than needing to have the last word, then we are learning to speak the Spirit’s language of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Speaking with one voice — the Spirit’s voice, together we can create more light for our darkness, more courage for our fear, more hope for our despair, more wisdom for our confusion, more love for our hate, and more peace for our turmoil. When we communicate together on common ground, we can do more for the common good. Together we are more”

Peace and may the Easter Alleluias fill your heart!

Fr. Ron

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