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“Lord save me!”

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We once again encounter Peter kind of getting it and then faltering. Peter sees Jesus as the Messiah, the long awaited one from God, but when in the middle of a crisis he second guesses himself. Today in the gospel Jesus comes walking on water, in a middle of a storm, to the disciple’s boat. Jesus, in response to Peter, asks Peter to get out of the boat and come to him. At first Peter is succeeding, but becoming aware what is happening around him, he looks away from Jesus and begins to sink. As Jesus rescues Peter he says, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

The parable helps us understand the difference between having faith and living faith. Those who have faith trust in God, believing all will eventually work for the good. Those who live by faith, depend on God for their moment to moment existence, knowing that no matter how difficult things may become, God will stand by them and save them. The transition between these two kinds of faith comes through experience. A sheltered, carefree life makes it easy to assume God will continue to offer the same. Only by surviving some hardship, is it possible to say to God, “Lord save me!””

Peter made this transition as he made his way off the boat and walked toward Jesus. The same is true for us, when we are able to move from the safety of our “having faith” to entrusting ourselves totally to our Lord no matter how dark the night is or how high the waves are, only then will we be living faith” Where is Jesus calling you out of the safety of faith, to a living faith? What keeps you from getting out of the boat and walking toward Jesus?

Have a peace filled week. Fr. Ron

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