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Happy Valentine’s Day!

We love because God loved us first. We have often heard this proclaimed and if you take time to think about it, you are sure to find it so. For most people, our first experience of love is from a parent who cares for us as an infant who is totally dependent upon them for our well-being and survival. God, too, is a parent who we totally rely on for wellbeing and survival throughout our time on this earth AND for eternity with Him in heaven.

A parent makes many sacrifices for his/her child(ren). Trying to list them all could take quite some time and though those sacrifices are many times difficult, a parent makes them freely, out of love for their child. God does the same, though God gave the ultimate sacrifice in the gifting of his Son to a world in need of a Savior. In God’s wisdom, God understood the need for a sacrifice that would be “ONCE AND FOR ALL”, and so his Son Jesus Christ died on the cross – the ultimate act of LOVE.

The ultimate sacrifice of Jesus, born out of a love so deep we can only imagine, secured the salvation of all people. It was the ultimate, one true gift that defines God for God is LOVE.

On this day as the world is showered with red and pink hearts, gifts for those we love and a desire to spend time with the most important people in our lives, let us not forget how we learned to love. Let us be mindful of a God who loved so deeply who had a plan for all to be with him forever. God never ceases to draw us to himself.

Receive that gift of love and do with it what God desires most – SHARE IT!

Thank you, Lord, for this day which reminds us to love, to show kindness, to make others happy. Let us learn to love more deeply. Let us be ever mindful of the gift of love that you first gave to us. And by our words and actions, may your love continue to grow in the hearts of all your people. With gratitude for the sacrifices you made, we pray in Jesus’ name that we can learn to love as you have loved. Amen.

In His Love,

Deb Rudolph

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