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Next to the computer monitor in my office is a goat figurine. The goat represents a gift that was given in my honor to a family through Heifer International several years ago. Hopefully this simple gift lifted a family out of hunger and poverty.

In recent years GOAT has become an acronym for the Greatest of ALL Time. Most often this discussion of the Greatest of All Time has taken place in the world of sports. Time is spent debating who is the GOAT in basketball, football, baseball, and hockey. The answers are subjective as it is difficult to assess an athlete’s prowess across the generations.

For us Christians, Jesus is the GOAT. This month of November celebrates all our brothers and sisters who have taken their place in heaven through the gift of salvation Jesus won for us. Their place, our place, in the heavenly kingdom, comes through a life of gratitude. A life of gratitude is reflected in our love God and neighbor. How fitting it is that this month also includes Thanksgiving, a time to thank God for blessings received. As disciples the discussion is not about being the GOAT but rather being LAMBS ---Loving All My Brothers and Sisters.

In the scriptures today, we encounter the selfless of love of two widows. Both give up all they have to satisfy the needs of others. In the Old Testament, the widow gives the little bread she has saved to the prophet Elijah, who, in turn, assures her in the name of God that she will never want again. In the Gospel, Jesus shows his disciples the complete selflessness of the widow at the temple. These images help us understand the response we should give when Jesus calls each of us through the vocation we follow.

When picking up the paper, do you have a section of the newspaper you go to first? Perhaps in picking up the bulletin you glance through the Mass schedule, the reflection of the pastors and then onto the news from your parish. As a One in Christ Area Catholic Communities, efforts are being made to reduce repeated information in the bulletin. You may have already noticed more items in the community section. Fr. Tom and I encourage you to read the bulletin from cover to cover to keep abreast to the happenings in our One in Christ ACC.

On a personal note, I ended October in quarantine after being tested positive for COVID-19. I was a breakthrough case, fortunate that my symptoms were mild --- lung and sinus congestions and fatigue. I did receive monoclonal antibodies. Thank you for your prayers.

Have a blessed week!

Fr. Ron

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