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By This My Father is Glorified

At times we may think that in the vastness of all that God created, we are small, so small that we as an individual might not have much value. What difference does it make whether I personally know God or not? What difference does it make that by my baptism I am one more disciple in the making? There have been so many people in the span of time, how can I possibly make a difference?

In John’s Gospel read today, Jesus tells us that he is the true vine, his Father is the vine grower, and we are the branches. With this image he makes clear the message that we must remain connected to him if we are to have life and bear fruit. What fruit? What is the fruit we are to bear and why? The fruit we bear is love. We are the living branches that continue to share love in this world by living as Jesus taught. Jesus modeled love of God and love of all God’s people paving the way for us to live as God our Father desires.

We indeed make a difference in time, for God has chosen our time on this earth and through the love of family and friends, we are gifted the opportunity to grow strong in love and in faith. We bear fruit by continuing the legacy gifted to us by Jesus. Disconnect from Jesus and we will wither and die. Love is what nourishes us as living and growing branches. But why is it so important that we continue to grow strong in love and faith?

The purpose is this: That the Father be glorified! All for the honor and glory of God, for it is God who created us to be people of love. It is God who calls us to take the message of his Son to the world, that all who believe in Jesus might have eternal life. So, in our smallness, in a relative short period of time that we are on this earth, we are called to believe in Jesus, spread the Good News of his Resurrection and rejoice in the gift of our salvation and the salvation of all who believe. We are not insignificant – we are a vital part of God’s plan that all people might know him, love him, and serve him.

With joy and in faith,

Deb Rudolph

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