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As we get ready to start another busy year of activities, we know space in the bulletin will start to get tight. With that in mind, we have a few requests for bulletin submissions. 1) Have your submissions for the community pages written out and to Jill Lieser in the office (by Monday at 8am for the bulletin being published that coming weekend. For example, for the October 7th/8th bulletin, community page submissions should be in by October 2nd. 2) Be brief. Paragraphs of details makes it hard to fit all submissions in. If your submission is lengthy, it may be edited for length. Please make sure there is a contact for additional information. 3) Let us know how long you would like the submission to run for. If it is in the bulletin for multiple weeks, we may need to pull it out for a week or two to allow room for new submissions. We will always try to run it again as the end date approaches.

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