Are you Prepared?

There are many things that we prepare for in life; the birth of a baby, starting college or a new job, a marriage, a move to another place. We also prepare daily in the making of meals, preparing for school or work, or maybe a vacation. Certainly, we understand that preparing calls for action on our part.

So it is with us as we prepare to meet the Lord. As our Church nears the end of a liturgical year with the Feast of Christ the King on November 22nd, we begin to hear in the Gospel the need to prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus Christ. In parables we learn how important it is to remain vigilant and committed that we might be prepared to meet Jesus when he comes, for we know not the hour.

I understand theologically that as a Church we are preparing for the Second Coming of Christ, the Parousia, but I most often think of meeting the Lord at the moment of death, something we will all experience. Thinking about it prompts a number of questions; Will I be prepared? Am I living my life in such a way that I will be proud to meet the Lord? Will the Lord know me as a committed follower, or will he not recognize me? Will he know my heart and my voice, familiar to him through my prayers?

We might do well to think about this, our relationship to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Is God a part of my daily life? Do I pray in thoughts and words often? Do I understand and appreciate that all I have is from God - life, love, happiness? Do I trust God enough to turn to him for all my needs? Am I actively living as a Christian who understands my role in caring for and loving all


Take time in the coming weeks to think about how you might focus on being prepared to meet the

Lord. Like the ten virgins in today’s Gospel: Will you be one of the five who were prepared when the bridegroom came, or one of those who were not allowed to enter because of a lack of planning. It is time to actively prepare.

We all belong to God and God never ceases calling us to himself. Think about this: If you knew that when you heard a knock at your door, it was Jesus standing there, would you be prepared enough to open it?

Jesus, we pray, be with us as we prepare our hearts for your coming.

Have a blessed week,

Deb Rudolph

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