Thank you to all who wrote their “acts of love” on hearts during Lent

Thank you to all who wrote their “acts of love” on hearts and placed them on the Cross during Lent. Called by our baptism to love God and others, here is a bit of what our faith community offered to the Lord:

prayed for grandparents – my
family – our community – for all
who are alone
I cleaned the dishes – made my bed – told a teacher she
was great
prayed the rosary daily – prayed for all with cancer –
shared my ice cream
played cards with my 87 year-old Mom – prayed for
made and shared a meal with an elderly neighbor –
prayed often for more patience
bought the meal for a person behind me in the drive-thru
– thanked God in prayer more often
chose to smile and share joy – donated clothes to the
needy – thought about my own actions
said thank you more often, helped others, tried to be
more kind
help a young man I didn’t know get a job interview –
held the door open for people
invited grandparents over for a meal to spend time with
them – gave more hugs to my family
prayed for the unborn – for the end of abortion –
walked and peacefully prayed with 40 Days for Life
brought a tray of St. Patty’s cookies for the ladies
bowling league
wrote letters to family members & friends – attended by
friend’s mother’s funeral
made a fidget blanket for a resident at Country Manor –
cried with a friend whose father died
got my COVID 19 vaccine – prayed for those who died
of COVID and their families
spent four days with my mother – shoveled my
grandparent’s driveway
gave our neighbors eggs from our chickens – brought
Communion each week to an elderly friend
I tried not mess around at bedtime – played with my
sister more
took cookies to a family who lost a father/grandfather –
entertained my co-workers
studied the Bible daily – repaired a quilt for a Country
Manor resident
told my kiddos they are loved – attended my son’s
basketball game
sent a care package to a friend in the nursing home –
made a meal weekly for elderly parent
helped my teacher wipe tables after class – practiced
patience with my retired husband
thanked my pharmacist for her kindness and knowledge –
I helped mom cook supper
helped others to get their vaccinations – I forgave others
– I was nice to my siblings
visited a special needs brother, then took him to see Dad
– prayed more at home
And all the unwritten acts of love that we share with the
world each day.
May we continue to grow in love for God and all people!