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Our parish is blessed to have a cemetery for parishioners looking for a final resting place. The cemetery is self-sufficient financially and funds come from gravesite or columbarium niche sales, interment fees and donations. Due to the increasing cost of operating (lawn care, snow plowing, and other maintenance needs), prices for gravesites and niches are going up on May 1, 2023. Currently gravesites for parishioners are $750.00 and they will be increasing to $900.00.

The existing columbarium (above ground niches) is nearly full. A new columbarium will be installed this spring. Single niches will be increasing in price from $1,250.00 to $1,500.00.

A full price list of different options is available and can be picked up in the parish office. If you are interested in securing a gravesite or niche before the price changes take place, call Tom in the parish office to set up a time to meet. There are many gravesites available. Only single niches remain in the existing columbarium.

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