October, November and December

EXCITING NEWS! Our One in Christ parish leadership along with Fr. Tom and Fr. Ron has determined it is time for a new pictorial church directory. Our dates for photography will be in October, November and December throughout the ACC. Sign-up for photo sittings starts this weekend.
During the week, you can sign-up online. We have taken many things into consideration when choosing dates for photos to be taken, and we hope that will mean many people will sign up. You can go to the website UCDIR.com enter in a church code (mn279a for Sacred Heart, mn279b for St. Francis, mn279c for Annunciation, and mn279d for St. Stephen) with a password of photos. You can also sign up at church or you can call your parish office and we can help you. When you take your picture you will receive a complimentary 8x10, a directory and access to the online version of the directory. Online scheduling is available Monday