Pastoral Council Members


We welcome new members Joe Gill, Doris Lodermeier and Jim Segler as they join current members Mark Kuhl, Shelly Teff, Eric Dietz, Gary Koshiol, & Marlyce Plante on the SFX Pastoral Council. We say goodbye and thank you to departing members Bob Detloff, Mat Steinberg, Deb Miller and Josh Stewart.
You may notice we have three new members but four leaving the council and two more who have agree to remain for another term. We need one more new member to sit on this council beginning in September.
A pastoral council is a consultative body in dioceses and parishes of the Roman Catholic Church that serves to advise the parish priest about pastoral issues. The council's main purpose is to investigate, reflect and reach conclusions about pastoral matters to recommend to the parish priest as appropriate. The council meets once a month, nine times a year (September thru June, no meeting in December). Please prayerfully consider this opportunity to serve your parish and contact any council member or the parish office to join.