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The name of our ACC says it all. We are “One in Christ”, but we are four different parishes. Our parishes are all unique and have their own traditions, events and customs that make them the communities they are. Let’s share the things that make our parishes special and celebrate all the wonderful things our ACC has to offer.
Please spend some time considering what you think of when you think about your parish? What is the activity, person, event, group, you name it, that says “this is my parish” to you? Don’t worry if it is something that another parish has, share it anyway.
Now, go take a picture and send it to me. Send me a picture you already have. Don’t have a camera handy?
Send me a description instead. You can email me, send me a letter or even call me (leave a message if I am not in the office). The goal is to have this put together in time for our ACC Mission on October 2nd and 3rd.
I’m looking forward to seeing your parish through your eyes.
Thank you!
Dana Howard
Director of Communications
2875 10th Ave NE; Sauk Rapids, MN 56379
(320)251-8115, ext 111

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