Need a new adventure?

Need a new adventure? Care to join a fun staff and
make new friends? Come join us at SFX School! We
are in need of a director for our Aftercare Program
(after school child care). We are looking for an
applicant who is a people person and enjoys
working with elementary aged children. If you are
ready to join our team, please call our school office
@ 320.252.9940 for more information. Come join
As a matter of fact, we are also looking for
Aftercare Assistants! This is an ideal job for college
and high school students. We would need applicants
to be available starting at 2:15 pm on school days.
Once again, if you enjoy hanging out with children
and would like to explore this opportunity, give us a
call @ 320.252.9940. We would love to chat with