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Last Saturday a group of 16 from SFX volunteered their time together at a KAH packaging event at the Sauk Rapids Warehouse! We were given a brief history about KAH & where & how this nutritious food was sent. Kathy Wogen, director of KAH, also thanked SFX for the past 12 years generosity!
In less than a hour we were able to package 4,030 MEALS which will be shipped to all parts of the world, feeding God’s hungry children!
The thank yous follow:First Thank You Father Ron for dubbing the month of November,”Kids Against Hunger Coin Collection Month!”
Thanks to ALL of you for your generosity, we were able to donate $1,200 dollars to this charity! Apparently lots of you shook piggy banks, checked couch cushions, donated your allowance, or wrote a check!
Thanks to all of you who donated your time:
Grandparents who brought their daughter & 2 grandsons, all first timers who can’t wait to come back! (Just saying, these little boys worked circles around G-Ma & G-pa!) Also first timers, a mom & dad & their young teens who want to come back & plans for their daughter are underway to bring her Girl Scout Troop to a packaging event! It wouldn’t surprise me if her big brother comes too, to do the heavy lifting! Thanks too to members of St Monica’s Christian Women who spent their Saturday morning at this event.
Last but not least, a mom from another parish who always wanted to help at a KAH event brought her 2 young daughters. While baby slept in her stroller, big sis (maybe 4?) jumped up on a stool & worked the entire hour, smiling all the time!! They will be back! If you are interested in planning a event, please check out the KAH web sight.
THANK you ALL & God Bless.
St Monica’s Christian Women

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