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A fire broke out at the Salvation Army in December and caused extensive damage. With their closure this means that 40 beds have been lost along with 10 overflow spots during the coldest months of the year. Place of Hope and Lincoln Center have been taking in some of those needing shelter, but the need is great - and in some cases could be deadly if people cannot find the shelter they need. BOTH Place of Hope and Lincoln Center are in need of volunteers to help in various ways. Both places could also use financial support as the price of utilities and food has increased. Please consider volunteering or donating funds. Loving God means loving our neighbors with the gifts we've been given. Place of Hope - 320-203-7881 and Lincoln Center - 612-868-0465. Please hold all those without shelter in your prayers as well as they who minister to them. Thanks….Faith in Housing (a group that meets monthly to work on homelessness outreach)

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