Great news! All 4 One in Christ ACC parishes are in Flocknote. This program allows us to set up parishspecific email/text groups, cross-parish email/text groups and have a master all-ACC email/text list. The main reason we wanted to get all parishes into one list is to be prepared in the event that we ever have a weekend where we are unable to have a priest present to preside at Mass. Notices would be posted at church, but we will also send out an email (and text) to let parishioners know what is happening. So far, we have used this all-ACC email list to send out an email requesting help for the parish mission we just had as well as an email with an invitation video from Jon Leonetti to attend the parish mission. Hopefully you received these emails…if you didn’t and you would like to make sure you are getting emails, please contact your parish office and give them your email address.
We will get you entered into Flocknote. Also, if you have a smartphone and add your cell phone number, you will be able to receive text message notices as well. If you have any questions about Flocknote, call Dana Howard at 320-251-8115 or email at dhoward@sacredheartsaukrapids.org