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Please keep your parish in mind as we come to the end of the year for your charitable contribution plans. If you have RMD’s (required minimum distributions) that need to be made from your IRA, there could be tax advantages if you roll those directly over to your parish. That’s a great way to support your parish and also save tax dollars. Do visit with your financial advisor or accountant to confirm if that is the case for you.
Another way to support parishes is by electronic giving.
Your support and commitment of regular, steady contributions is appreciated. Some parishes have opportunities set up for direct transfers to the parish or giving by credit card. That sounds funny in some ways, but many credit cards offer points for travel and other deals. Those funds are transferred directly to the parish, so it save writing a check out each week or month as well. Call your parish office to learn more. Many banks offer “bill pay”. Donations to your parish are not a bill, but that is the terminology used. This is done online from your home, but if you need help, visit your bank and they can help you get set up.
Thank you for your good stewardship and continued support of the parishes in One in Christ.

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