Many nominations came in on the weekend. The leadership areas of Pastoral Council, Area Catholic Community Committee, Faith Formation/Youth Ministry and Site Council for St. Francis Xavier School all rely on people from the community to share in advising Fr. Ron and staff. These people are also the eyes and ears of the parish and give feedback regarding the good things that are happening and opportunities for change or improvements. Each council meets regularly. For example, the pastoral Council meets 9 times in a year and the ACC 6 or 7 times (with sub-committee possibilities.) Meetings last 60 to 90 minutes. The people who were nominated will be invited to an evening of discernment on Thursday, May 26th. They will meet with current council/board/committee members and hear more about the what they do.
The nominees are invited to think and pray about this invitation to lead. Those who wish to move forward will have their name in a drawing to be done on Pentecost Sunday. It is by chance (and the Holy Spirit) that leaders are selected to serve – not a popularity contest.
Parish leadership broadens the view and adds gifts and talents to the table that make our parish better.
If someone else nominated you, that’s great – somebody sees something in you that makes them think you would be good in a leadership role. If you nominated yourself, then it could be you have a desire to bring your gifts to the table – thank you. Either way – our parish needs the people in the pews to walk with the pastor and staff in helping fulfill the parish mission. If you have any questions, please contact Tom Offerdahl in the parish office.