Advent: Season of Divine Encounter

December 6

Advent means arrival or coming. During this sacred season, we actively recall the arrival of Jesus as the Word made flesh, and we joyfully await his final return at the end of the age. But as we remember the past and anticipate the future, we are also attentive to our divine encounters in the present, the ways God "arrives" in our everyday lives. Amy Ekeh's Advent, Season of Divine Encounter helps us look closely at three key Scripture passages to recall, recognize, and anticipate the ways God comes into our lives and our world. Join us at Sacred Heart for a three-part Advent study titled Advent: Season of Divine Encounter Mondays beginning on December 6 from 6:30-7:30pm in Room A. Sign up is required so please contact Jen Haman with any questions or to sign up for this event.