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75th Anniversary for St. Francis Xavier


I did not receive a lot of feedback, but because of things happening for me, I’m looking at meeting on Monday, May 8th at 6:30pm in the gathering place.
We will look for updates in areas already with leadership . . . Bake Sale, Kids Games, Beer Stand, Cake Paddle, Silent Auction, Franny Flyer, Music, outside vendors, entertainment, and Raffle. Then we have some questions we’ll need to find answers to . . . . Will Tom get some help with GENERAL leadership & Marketing help??? Will there be a Franny Food Stand? Are there other contacts for food trucks? Will we have a “bags” tournament?
I’m asking for some help here people – please join me and others who have already come on board on Monday, May 8th – or call/text 320-290-3228. Thank you for sharing your time in planning and leadership!

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