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Fr. Doug Liebsch


Thank you for serving our One in Christ ACC this past year and sharing your spiritual gifts with us. This weekend will be Fr. Doug’s last in our ACC as he presides at St. Francis Xavier. Join us after the 5:00 pm Saturday Mass and 9:30 am Sunday Mass for hospitality and to say goodbye and wish him well.

Bishop Kettler has reassigned Fr. Doug to full time vocation work and ministry at Cathedral High School. Fr. Doug’s last weekend with us is June 26/27. Due to four priests retiring and possibly one priestly ordination this year, Bishop Kettler has not assigned a sacramental minister to our One in Christ Area Catholic Community. After prayer and discussion, Fr. Tom and Fr. Ron have decided they will preside at our seven weekend Masses. This will mean a change in our weekend Mass Schedule.

Each parish will have a farewell for Fr. Doug on his last scheduled visit

St. Francis Xavier, June 26/27.


Watch the bulletin for more information.

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